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Why do people choose concrete countertops?

Concrete countertops appeal to people who want something unique, handcrafted and personalized. Unlike factory-made countertops, concrete countertops are tailor made for each owner, allowing complete customization in color, finish, size, shape and edge detail. They also have a natural, organic look and feel, rather than a synthetic, manufactured appearance.

Will concrete countertops crack?

One of the most common misconceptions about concrete countertops and other related products is the comparison to the average concrete driveway and sidewalk. Quest-Crete uses various reinforcement methods such as fiber reinforcement to strengthen the concrete and prevent the possibilities of cracks. While hairline cracks may still occur in rare situations, no matter what reinforcing method is used, they often add character to the countertop or can be fixed and won’t detract from the appearance.

Are concrete countertops expensive?

Generally, concrete countertops are no more expensive than other solid surface materials. Keep in mind the long-term value that concrete countertops can offer. With their timeless design and inherent durability, they are unlikely to need replacement. Our focus is not to compete with other surfaces but to create a one-of-a-kind functional work of art.

Is concrete a good option for outdoor countertops?

Because concrete is naturally weather resistant, it’s an ideal material for outdoor countertops and can often withstand freezing better than granite or tile when properly sealed.

How can I personalize my concrete countertops?

Concrete countertops allow you to create colors and finishes not possible with other countertop materials. Using custom-mixed integral pigments, Quest-Crete can even match a specific paint color, tile or stone work. Finishes can range from rustic to modern to industrial.

How do I protect my concrete countertops?

We at Quest-Crete use a two-part sealer that penetrates and seals making our products very stain resistant. Minor scratches can occur in concrete countertops by cutting directly on the surface, so the use of a cutting board is recommended. If scratches do appear, they are usually in the sealer and not in the concrete itself, making them easy to repair.

How do I clean and maintain concrete countertops?

As long as your concrete countertop is properly sealed, it should be as easy to clean as a laminated countertop surface. As a general rule, use a pH-neutral cleaner and avoid the use of aggressive scrubbing pads or abrasive cleansers that can wear away the sealer. If your countertops do become stained, we can often remove the stains by using the right materials and methods.

How long will concrete countertops last?

Concrete countertops will serve you well for decades – both functionally and aesthetically – and are unlikely to ever need replacement. Under normal use, your concrete countertop will often last the life of your home. This not only conserves materials and eliminates waste, it saves you the expense and hassle of ripping out worn, outdated countertops.

Concrete allows for customization in color, finish, size, shape and edge detail. If you can envision it, Quest-Crete can create it.

Concrete allows for customization in color, finish, size, shape and edge detail. If you can envision it, Quest-Crete can create it.


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