Concrete: The Top 10 Quest-Crete Advantages

#10 Shape, size and color are unlimited.

#9 All-natural, ‘green’ building material.

#8 Even the early Romans loved concrete.

#7 You are part of the Quest-Crete design team.

#6 Functionality! Beauty! Affordability!

#5 It will last a long, long, long time.

#4 Not close to North Jackson, Ohio? No problem. We love to travel.

#3 Rustic or Modern? Your choice.

#2 Owner Jess Warren is a stickler for the details.

And the #1 advantage of commissioning Quest-Crete to create a versatile, functional work of art for your home or business environment … is to showcase and express your exquisite taste and sense of style.



Concrete: All natural. Environmentally friendly.

  1. Concrete is made predominantly from cement, which comes from the most abundant mineral on earth – limestone.
  1. Concrete contains sand and rock, both natural products, making concrete more environmentally “green” than other types of countertops produced from synthetic or other non-renewable resources.
  1. Concrete is strong, durable and long lasting. It will not rust, burn or rot. It is unlikely it will need to be replaced, conserving materials and eliminating waste.
  1. GFRC (glass-fiber reinforced concrete) is used in many of Quest-Crete’s product designs. It performs well, has aesthetic benefits and uses significantly less portland cement than regular concrete incorporating larger amounts of recycled materials.
  1. We use a sealer that is a non-toxic, food-safe product, which contains no VOCs.

Our goal is to create timeless concrete designs that reflect your unique style and personality.

Our goal is to create timeless concrete designs that reflect your unique style and personality.


Quest-Crete Studios – one of the leading concrete design firms in the Midwest and throughout the United States. We are willing to travel. We will come to you and discuss your vision for your home or office. With our studio conveniently located in Mahoning County, Ohio we are in easy reach of the following cities:


  • Youngstown
  • Canton
  • Akron
  • Cleveland
  • Columbus
  • Dayton
  • Toledo


  • Pittsburgh
  • Erie
  • New Castle
  • Sharon
  • Butler
  • Washington




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